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Shipments available only to Italy, Europe, Switzerland, and the UK.

Orders will be processed as quickly as possible.

CountryRate 1,1-3 kg
Italy*6,00 €
Minor Islands of Italy (Capri, Ischia, Aeolian Islands, Lampedusa, etc.)20,00 €
France*, Monaco*, Netherlands*, Austria*, Croatia*, Hungary*, Germany*, Slovenia*12,00 €
Spain*, Bulgaria*, Belgium*, Poland*, Czech Republic*, Luxembourg*13,00 €
Denmark*, Portugal*, Greece*, Slovakia*, Romania*15,00 €
Switzerland12,00 €
Finland*, Estonia*, Latvia*, Lithuania*, Ireland*20,00 €
Sweden + Minor EU Islands* (Greek islands, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands)35,00 €
UK** Free
A maximum of 2 items per order is allowed.
*Free shipping on orders over €70.
**UK: Minimum order of £135.00 with free shipping. Maximum 4 items per order.
We do not deliver to countries not listed in the table above.