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Stumble Guys 3d mini figures Series 3 – Set A


Stumble Guys 3d mini figures Series 3 – Set B


Stumble Guys
3D Mini Figures

The official collection!

Explore the adventurous world of Stumble Guys with this exclusive collection of 3D mini figures!

Collect the new 26 official Stumble Guys 3D mini figures and dive in their fantastic universe. Available in 2 sets of 13 stumblers.

Discover the special 3D mini figures:
Glow in the Dark: Bolt
Crystal: Capt. Diamondheart
Chrome: Orbit e Bonez McBling
Glitter: Sereia

Discover the fun world of Stumble Guys in a pocket-sized format and start your adventure by collecting all 3D mini figures!