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Stumble Guys
3D Mini Figures Series 2

€ 51,87

Stumble Invasion
Official Cards

€ 40,00

Stumble Invasion
Mythic Edition

€ 60,00

Stumble Invasion
Bundle Binder + Display Box

€ 47,90


Stumble Guys
3D Mini Figures Series 2

The official collection!

Explore the adventurous world of Stumble Guys with this exclusive collection of 3D mini figures!

Collect the new 26 official Stumble Guys 3D mini figures and dive in their fantastic universe. Available in 2 sets of 13 stumblers.

Discover the special 3D mini figures:
Crystal: Cherri Bear and Diamond Banana
Chrome: Liquid Rainbow, Golden Gloves, Sei Taishogun and Golden Robo.

Discover the fun world of Stumble Guys in a pocket-sized format and start your adventure by collecting all 3D mini figures!

Stumble Invasion
Official Card

The new collection of Official Stumble Guys Cards has landed!

Join the Stumble Invasion and collect the new stumbler cards: Robot Guy, Orbit, Twister, Super Banana and many more!

162 cards for an incredible collection: look out for 32 Legendary Gold Cards and 19 Fire Specials

Complete your collection with the 12 Mythic cards, available exclusively in the Mythic Edition display boxes.

Now available the binder to store all your cards!

Official Checklist

Discover the entire collection and track which cards you’re missing!